Halsnøy Norway, Summer Solstice
Middlesex Vermont, Winter Solstice

Halsnøy, Norway, June 2012

In this series of photographs the horizon between the sky and sea—a formal devise that locks us into thinking about a ‘landscape’ or a ‘seascape’—is eliminated to re-introduce a relationship between the sky and sea. A photograph of the sky and one of the sea directly below it are exposed at sunset. The pair of photographs from the same evening are displayed next to each other as diptychs. The light at this moment of dusk is fugitive, as is the motion of the sea, pushing the limits of photography to chart fleeting, recurring phenomena of the day, time and weather. The pairs of photographs were made on consecutive nights at dusk in Halsnøy, Norway from June 10–26, 2012 during a time known as White Nights.

Sunset–Sunrise (Halsnøy, Norway), June 2012
Summer Solstice

These five photographs were made on consecutive nights during the week of the summer solstice, a time known as White Nights in Norway. These photographs measure the night in terms of light rather than darkness. Made with 4×5 transparency film exposed through a pinhole camera, they are each the cumulative light from when the sun sets (approximately 11:15PM) until it rises (approximately 4:15AM).

Sunset–Sunrise (Middlesex, Vermont), December 2012
Winter Solstice

These photographs are companion pieces to Sunset-Sunrise (Halsnøy, Norway), June 2012. One of the photographs is a 4×5 transparency exposed through a pinhole camera overnight during a rain and snowstorm on the winter solstice. The other two photographs are made at last light on the shortest day of the year.